Dependable Partners in Ministry


Written by: Brother Jim Goodson, Editor of St. Andrew's Cross, June 25, 2009


A Brotherhood provincial field leader once referred to us as, Dependable Partners in Ministry and the phrase soon became a fitting description throughout the chapters in the field. In the pages ahead our St. Andrew's Cross publication Editor, Brother Jim Goodson, skillfully authors our historical perspective as an unfolding of stories that brings to life an account of our ministry in the late 19th century and the 20th century. As a career print and photo journalist, Brother Goodson is devoted to delivering the best in communications, news and features to Brothers Andrew everywhere and it shows in this, his latest work. I am both pleased and honored to offer you this commemorative reflection that serves to conclude the 125th anniversary of our ministry and set us on course for a blessed future. I believe you will see how Brothers Andrew have labored throughout the generations and the many ways in which God has blessed us in the carrying out of His mission for The Brotherhood of Saint Andrew. Jim paints an amazing chronological portrait of how we came to be, where we were in the formative years and how God has molded us during the ensuing decades leading up to where we are today. I wish to congratulate Jim on a 'signature' piece that tells our story well and shows us why we are Dependable Partners in Ministry. I am confident you will both value and enjoy this commemorative volume as a treasure for the ages to come. - Ron Warfuel, President 2004-2009


1: A Muscular Ministry from a Muscular Town, by Jim Goodson
2: A Curious Start - but it worked, by James L. Houghteling
3: A Lightning Quick Start, by Jim Goodson
4: The Forward Movement, by Jim Goodson
5: Brothers, Japan and Peace, by Sandra McPhee
6: Brothers Return to Personal Evangelism, by Jim Goodson

St. James' Episcopal Cathedral

St. James' Episcopal Church in 1871, site of the founding of the Brotherhood of St. Andrew.

James Houghteling

James L. Houghteling (1855-1910), whose 13 member adult men's Sunday School class, at St. James' Episcopal Church in downtown Chicago, founded the Brotherhood of St. Andrew. more...

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An Act for the Incorporation of The Brotherhood of St. Andrew was passed and signed into law by President Theodore Roosevelt on May 30th, 1908.