The American culture like many cultures across the planet is enduring many tragedies and unfortunately the recipients are the young children, teenagers and young adults.

While our youth have been labeled as Generation X, the Last Generation, etc. the question however is what we have done to reach out and engage our youth. Drug dealers have done their part by investing in darkness and death for them, criminals have been trying to influence our youth, the cable TV exposes our young people to the most promiscuous and dangerous acts of violence ever to be seen and the computer seeks to secretly snatch up our children's minds with X rated sex, pedophiles and all sorts of ungodly unchecked information seeking to pull then into a world of lust, greed and quick death.

In an article written by the St. Andrews Cross dated in 1945 the writer wrote about a piece of steel. A man had a piece of iron and made a pair of horse shoes from it worth$5.00, another man took the same iron and made some knife blades worth about $200 dollars, still another man took the iron and cut it with precise instruments and made clock springs worth $200,000 dollars. The pieces of iron were the same in each case but what it was designed to do made the difference.

Our youth deserve our best. They need to model our behavior, be exposed to men of God who can teach them the art of Evangelism, the power of love and the service required by Our lord for his people. The brotherhood of ST Andrew is the organization that can answer this call today. But we must have devoted, relevant leaders who can engage our youth.

Our youth don't care how much we know, until they know how much we care!

How Do We Reach the Youth?

We must apply the principles of the Five Love Languages:

  1. Words of Affirmation - We must encourage them, reward them verbally and speak highly of them always.
  2. Acts of Service - We must teach our youth to serve as Christ washed his disciples' feet; we must set the example and lead by example.
  3. Receiving gifts - We must invest in our youth.
  4. Quality time - We must be consistent and spend the time. Do what they like also.
  5. Personal and appropriate touch - We must all shake their hands, pat their back and let them experience that we are human, caring and loving fathers man and father figures. (23 million children have no fathers.)

What shall we teach the Junior Brotherhood Members?

To have good clean fun!

We must have a purpose driven ministry that provides programs and services that reflect these purposes. There must be nine essential components for the blueprint to the Brotherhood Junior ministry:

  1. The Power of God - We must find and train passionate leaders who teach how to be a person of God. They must lead by example yet be pleasant, humorous, passionate and popular with the youth.
  2. Purpose - Discover why you minister and follow it up with leadership and communication.
  3. Potential Audience - Identify the youth in your church, community and social group who fit our profile of called to do the good work!
  4. Programs - Decide which programs will fit your audience.
  5. Planned Values - Define what values will strengthen your ministry.
  6. Parents - involve the parents in the programs; team up with the parents for a stronger youth ministry.
  7. Participating Leaders - find those special leaders who the youth relate to and develop them into youth leaders.
  8. Perseverance - The adventure of change requires consistency. Pray over it and stay on it.

The Junior Brotherhood Committee has performed the following actions in pursuit of its mission:

  • Completed with input from Bro. Robert Dennis and President Ron Warfuel the Junior Brotherhood Manual for 2009 and posted on the website.
  • Organized the first Junior Brotherhood Retreat in April of 2009 (over night) at the Virginia Theological Seminary where up to 17 youth from the diocese of EDOMD and EDOW came together to share in workshops and to pray, read scripture and study the word together. Each youth was given a certificate, and much was accomplished moving forward.
  • The Junior Brotherhood Chartered at the National Cathedral continues it's feed the homeless ministry with the Brothers of Calvary Episcopal Church serving consistently every second Saturday for 9 consecutive months. This activity is used to attract new members and Youth Director James Nelson III has been making things happen for the youth with leadership, prayer and other activities.
  • The Junior Brotherhood Chapter of St. Timothy church in the EDOW has been very active with several programs that have brought many existing Brotherhood Chapters together. The Youth have also attended the Diocesan convention under the guidance of the Brotherhood Members. This group has conducted luncheons, gone out together on fun trips, served their church and been very active under Brother Bob James' leadership along with Bro Richards the DC of the EDOW.
  • October of 2008 the Junior Brothers attend the Basketball for the Homeless Fundraiser event at the Verizon Center in D.C. Chaperones Bro Nelson the III and Sister Robin Dill a Junior Bro Mother and Associate helped this event to be very successful.
  • Junior Brothers Serve the Brotherhood Fish Fry and Fundraiser for The Church of our Savior Chapter April 2009 the junior brotherhood learned to cook 160 lbs of fish, serve and fellowship with the church and the community.
  • Participation in the Fathers and Sons Breakfast at John Burroughs Elementary School in D.C. along with City Council Member Harry Thomas - the National Cathedral Chapter of the junior Brotherhood were the hosts of this event (over 250 fathers and sons were present) and passed out programs. Directed families to seats and served their community while supporting the Fatherhood values program

The highlight event of the Junior Brotherhood and the Committee on youth and Junior Brotherhood was the Province III Junior Brotherhood Retreat at the Virginia Theological Seminary in April of 2009 where these young brothers came together under the shield of the love for Jesus Christ and prayed together, gained leadership skills, values clarification skills and gave the Brotherhood some concrete suggestions on how to get more youth involved in the Junior Brotherhood Ministry. This has not in recent years ever been accomplished. We wish to thank the Leadership, the Brothers who took the time and above all the youth for believing in our ministry and our promise to reach out wider, more efficiently and more prayerfully! We have planted the mustard seed of hope in Christ for our youth!


Brotherhood chapters regularly sponsor youth groups.

Sponsor Franklyn Malone, left, with members of the Washington, D.C. Junior Brotherhood chapter.